translated from Spanish: Municipality of Santa Ana Maya, ready to celebrate 11 days of feast

photograph / Michoacan.-the Michoacan town of Santa Ana Maya is ready to celebrate their traditional festivities in honor of 09 to February 19 the Lord of divine mercy, a festival that will feature various activities for the whole family.
They will be 11 days of party where most activity are from 15 to 19 February. The above said it in an interview the Mayor, Juan Audiel Calderón Mendoza who mentioned the riches of your municipality to make an invitation to all the Michoacán to enjoy multiple sporting events, ecotourism and cultural.
«Santa Ana Maya is a little corner of heaven from the State of Michoacan, we are celebrating to the Lord of divine clemency in a religious and cultural festival, to which all are welcome. «We have to claim our lands and our roots, and Santa Ana Maya is the most beautiful town of all».
An important part of mention, is the intention of the municipality to increase the economic benefit in consideration of the artisans performing their parts-based tule, presentation and sales of sandals, overcoats and even snow made handcrafted and traditional.
The Mayor also emphasized the traditional quesadillas de Santa Ana Maya, a product made with bread of puff pastry, with a delicious honey of piloncillo, a typical dessert that characterizes the municipality.
To tell of the municipal President, for the last two days is expected an influx of around 5 to 6 thousand visitors per day, which was considered as a significant figure.
On the activities to be performed during the 11 days of festivity, highlight MTB challenge, Expo «Santa Ana Maya is part of you» which will count with the presence of the traditional cooks, the parade in honor of Lord of divine mercy, displays of mezcal , pulque and craft beer, bailadores horses, the popular verbena, elevation of globos de cantoya, among other presentations, as well as workshops and exhibitions.
Santa Ana Maya is located 64 km from the capital of the entity and all scheduled events will be free of charge.

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