translated from Spanish: National study of English: 68% of the students do not know the basics of the language

this Thursday the Agency’s quality of education unveiled the latest national study of English, which was applied in 2017 sample way 7.340 students third medium of 137 establishments in the country. And the results are poor. This, because 68% of students of fails to understand short, simple texts in English, nor language of daily use in that language (such as signs, timetables or menus). I.e., only 32% of evaluated students achieved the basic level and intermediate (A2 and B1) in this subject. And even if this means an improvement of 7% compared to the previous measurement, in 2014, the level is still low. In addition, the measurement shows a huge gap between the students of socioeconomic high and low. This, because while in the top 85% achieved the basic and intermediate level, in bass only 9%. In regard to gaps among regions of the country, there are not significant differences. Even so, reach the best-performing students in the Metropolitan Region (58 points) and the Region of Magallanes (53 points). In the other village, lower results are in Arica and Parinacota (41 points) and Los Lagos (41 points). The national average is 51 points. The study also considered external values that help to better learning of the English language, being key to the hours that they teach the subject in school, if the teacher speaks English or Spanish classes and the level of exposure of students to that language fu It was the school context. For example, established that those who see television or movies in English all or almost all day reached 22 points more than those who never do it.

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