translated from Spanish: Police officer attending a birth by phone: «was nervous, but joy»

– good morning Miss, my daughter is born in the House, I can not get my lady to take her to the hospital!
-Give me a second, already patrol the sector, do not cut is informed.
-Fast, (…) Please Miss, the baby is born, we are in bed with my two young sons!
-Is she, don Sandro stretched in bed?
-Yes, it is stretched.
-Tell you to open your legs and try to see if the baby’s head is.
-Oh, Yes! Already all wet bed.
-Look, we are going to prepare ourselves so that it can receive the baby, do already? I need to look for clean sheets, a cord and a pair of scissors.
-Wait for me a little bit, I will take off my watch. Evelyn (his spouse), where are the clean sheets?
(Heard that she screams in pain and tells him: «in the part beyond»).
-Here comes the head, there comes the head! (Women shout again and says: «I dueleeeee!»).
-Put sheets under the back of it and try to claim the baby’s head to go out, tell it to breathe and it wins, concentrate a little bit so calm down and it can be a little more quiet.
-Here comes the head, I need that you bid, Evelyn, but going to suffocate the child.
-That you breathe and push out the head and you can leave.
-Don’t have the scissors to cut the cord, Miss, what should I do?
-You have to have something with what cut the umbilical cord… a shoe lace, anything that you have so that you can cut.
-Miss, why does not the truck! Live two blocks from the police station!
-Is speeding up the patrol to get to the place, but I gotta give indications for while.
-Ya, I have a cord. Evelyn, bid because the girl is going to suffocate there.
-That you push to escape the baby, because you can stay on the road.
-Bid, bid, bid, that there is the girl outside! (Heard the mother screaming). Already, nacioooo, nacioooo!
-Ya, check is the coiled cord, or in the neck or in or any other limb.
-No, you don’t have it rolled.
-Clean the mouth so that it can breathe.
-She is crying! (You hear the little girl crying and someone get). I need to cut the cord.
-Don Sandro, with tiny finger clean mouth baby so you can throw away the mucus that has.
-Not I’ve been able to cut the cord, but a cousin who is policeman has just arrived and is going to help me.
-The ambulance is already on the road. She is sanita?
-Yes, is crying… already Fernandita (you said with tenderness to the bus)… thank you.
-Will patrol and ambulance, don Sandro, which is fine, until then.
That is the dialogue held yesterday Sandro Sotelo, a neighbor of the hope forest Street, and the official civil communications (Cenco) Central of Carabineros, Muriel González, a mother of two children, who returned four days ago to work after your postnatal. You have eight weeks of pregnancy.
It was very intense, Muriel?

Yes, since the start of the call to the birth must have been 5 minutes. During this period, it is impossible to get someone (emergency).
Had he played him something in his career?

What happened to you when you heard to cry to the bus?

I was nervous (laughs), because independent to that one already has children the situation is complex, because if there is a problem there is always be there pending to follow the steps.
Nerve concerned or joy?

Do you think that being a mother and being pregnant gave him with a special flair to address this?

It makes that call is different because as I am pregnant I put me in the situation… the idea was to take it in the best possible way.
He did signs based on what I knew or their maternal experience?

The truth is that we empower the enter, give us indications for certain types of procedures, but it is very rare to pass this. Sometimes when one does not practice the things you forget certain steps, but actually it was a little easier because having two children is a subject which one handles better, although the situation was complicated.
What were the risks that had to give birth at home?

That the baby was born with asphyxia, which can be the umbilical cord around his neck, or mother wins not enough and the baby is stuck in the pipeline. They are that if the person who is handling the situation is not calm are difficult to deal with.
It helped that the Pope was quiet?

Yes, quite. Support because you follow instructions, manages to stay calm in the situation and calm the mother.
Have his superiors told him something?

Yes, I have complimented on how quickly, how took the procedure.
Any advice for someone who is a situation like this limit?

Them to call us. We at 133 are willing to help and advise people on what is possible, especially in these situations that are adverse at times because no ambulance or other available units. The staff here can advise at least online.

Original source in Spanish

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