translated from Spanish: The history of the Youtuber who faked his death and returned three years later

about three years one of the best players in the world, Sketchek, Team Fortress 2 announced through his YouTube channel that he was suffering a terminal illness that d efinio as «a problem with the central nervous system». «After his latest video community gave assumed that unfortunately Sketchek had died but this week the youtuber reappeared explaining that it had been a joke.» Three years ago, announced that he had a terminal illness,»explains the video. «I want to let everyone know that that was a lie. It was a sick joke. It was a fraud. I was never sick. At all». «Despedida» original video was downloaded from the channel, but others recovered it and returned it to put on YouTube. There the youtuber said that his health was worsening, and had only a few hours.

Last year the Studio responsible for Team Fortress 2, Valve, pays homage to the player by adding an item for the character Pyro (which used Sketchek) called «Sketchek completo Bequest», a gesture that was very well received by the community but the youtuber now rejects.» «I am happy that I recognised but I think that all he only made it because they were convinced that was sick or dead,» said in a comment on the YouTube video. «I would rather they had not added it in the first place and soon removed. I don’t deserve it.»

When you try to explain the reasons for the farce, Sketchek ends do not decide between your own mental health, their need to abandon games or their overwhelming desire to fuck people. «The trigger of his return, however, was the weight of his conscience:»lately I felt very badly for all this».» Not I can continue charging with the weight of my sins, so I decided to tell the truth and apologize.» He also said that he didn’t want to fall back into their addiction by the game because «they had stolen something». Yet he promised to start creating new content because it is strange to their fans.» «The TF2 community not could I care less [Team Fortress 2]but if you enjoy my videos, I regret much have been disappointed and I hope to be able to compensate them released new and better content.»

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