translated from Spanish: The makers of Gotham announced a prequel dedicated to the Butler Alfred

the Batman universe does not end in Batman, and that is that some of the best stories of Gotham City have Bruce Wayne as a secondary character. These days, we could see the trailer for “Birds of Prey”, starring his archenemy (on road to reform) Harley Quinn. Mid-year Debuts “Joker”, a dark and realistic version of the Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, and Netflix days ago premiered “Titans”, a series that features the rebellion of Robin, who leaves Batman to put together his own team of superheroes.

In all versions of Batman, Alfred Pennyworth is his advisor and protector but the most successful of all, so far, is “Gotham”, a police series that has the youth of the Chief of police Jim Gordon. The story comes to an end this year after 5 seasons, but its creators are not yet ready to say goodbye to city Gotica.en June the U.S. channel Epix will premiere “Pennyworth”, starring Alfred, the faithful Butler of Batman that was played by Sean Pertwee in Gotham and Michael Caine and then Jeremy Irons in the films most recent.

Jack Bannon, at the premiere of “Code Enigma” none of these actors will be Alfred Pennyworth in his new series, since it is set years before Gotham, during the youth of the character. The chosen one is Jack Bannon, who in “The Enigma code” played the first love of Alan Turing.” Pennyworth”begins in the ‘ 60s, when Alfred withdraws from the English secret service and mounted his own security company do your first employer? Thomas Wayne, father of the young Bruce.Danny Cannon, producer, promises a “violent and unleashed” series, much more than what was Gotham, and he says that Alfred will fight against “villains archetypal English literature”. His main enemy is Beth Sykes, played by actress and singer Paloma Faith. 

Paloma Faith is a successful singer and jury of the English of the voice first season will last 10 chapters, and although it has no confirmed for Latin America channel, no doubt some of them will take advantage of the popularity of the character.

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