translated from Spanish: They identified the body found in the channel: is Emiliano Sala

the English town of Dorset police confirmed that the body rescued on Wednesday of the plane that sank in the English channel is that of Argentine footballer Emilian or room.» The families of Mr. Sala and pilot David Ibbotson have been updated with this news and they will continue to receive the support of specially-trained family liaison officers,»the official statement said.

#Update The body brought to Portland Port today has been formally identified by HM Coroner for Dorset as that of professional footballer Emiliano Sala.The families of Mr Hall and pilot David Ibbotson have been updated. Our thoughts remain with them all – Dorset Police (@dorsetpolice) February 7, 2019 «our thoughts remain with them,» said from the Dersot police.  On the remaining body, the own AAIB confirmed that «closed» operation by the poor weather conditions at sea in the English channel. The plane is nearly 70 meters depth in the channel, 40 kilometers from the island of Guernsey. «The operation was carried out in the most dignified way possible and families were informed about the progress,» said the British Agency’s investigation of air accidents (AAIB), which also made it clear that the decision to cancel was «difficult». The researchers published a report on the causes of the accident when a month of the tragedy on Feb. 21. 

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