translated from Spanish: Were negative for dengue tests eight players of Columbus

then the corresponding presentation of symptoms presented by the players Guillermo Ortiz and Leonardo Heredia, Columbus lived moments of tension when eight of its futbolis TAS should be transferred to clinical facilities for the examination of dengue. After corroborating studies, reported that they do not suffer the disease.” The Ministry of Health advises that laboratory analyses performed to the staff and players of Colon threw a result negative for Dengue. The province, through the Ministry of health and the Directorate of epidemiology reported that before syndromes febrile reported by staff of the Columbus Athletic Club (players), have taken the corresponding samples”, the statement explained.
“Yesterday afternoon persons presenting with symptoms consistent with the disease were transferred to the Hospital J. M. Cullen to make them specific tests, in order to rule out the disease”, adds the writing. Players who should be subjected to the studies were Leonardo Heredia, Guillermo Ortiz, Gustavo Toledo, Fernando Zuqui, Matías Fritzler, Leonardo Burián, Emanuel Olivera and Mateo Hernández.Tras results, the Ministry of health also reported that they It will be a new test on the samples collected “according to the Protocol applied to these steps”. Players also demonstrated on improvements in health and stressed that those who had symptoms because they feel better.

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