translated from Spanish: who is responsible for omitted property in Houston of the Ministry of the Interior?

phrase: «I asked to go public with my information on economic data and interest. She included this property that takes today newspaper reformacquired along with my spouse in the year 2009, 10 years ago. (…) I gave the instruction that was published»Olga Sánchez Cordero, Ministry of the Interior
phrase: «DeclaraNet platform only makes public details of the declarant. If you choose to make public the financial statement, the system does not publish info of the spouse, concubine or boyfriend or dependent economic to protect the personal data of third parties.»
Secretary of the public function (SFP) the existence of a Department in Houston, owned by the Ministry of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, caused this Tuesday a crossing between it and the Secretary of the public function, Irma Eréndira Sandoval, statements about responsible for omit it in the asset declaration of the former Minister.
In statements to explain the fact, both the SFP and the owner of the Interior incurred inaccuracies and falsehoods.
Sanchez Cordero said that if included the Department of Houston in his wealth statement and added that it gave the instruction that would be given out along with the rest of their property, so that, he said, was to seek explanations from the SFP about the omission.
However, in the official statement that became public last January 30 on the Declaranet platform does not appear the Department, even though the document itself has a note citing: «only provided assets reported public server on behalf of the» «declarant or the declarant’s spouse, in the latter case omitted the amount». He also points out that the financial statement information «was captured directly by the civil servant».
The owner of the Interior could checking omitted property in his statement, as when performed by any officer, the system delivers an acknowledgment of receipt and a copy of the declared information.

Animal politician Social communication of Segob that acknowledgement requested, but there was no response until the close of this edition.
The Secretary of the public function, on the other hand, explained himself on Wednesday that if the Department of Houston did not appear in the public statement was because it is a co-owned by Sánchez Cordero with her husband and, in accordance with the law of protection of personal data nonpublic information of spouses of staff members.
«DeclaraNet platform only makes public details of the declarant. If you choose to make public the financial statement, the system non-public info of the spouse, concubine or boyfriend or dependent economic to protect the personal data of third parties»said in a statement.
This explanation is false.
reported condominiums and contradictions
Irma Erendira Sandoval said in a radio interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva, Fernando Martínez official warned Sanchez Lamb that «information that includes third-party or» «joint owners, would not appear in the public version», and that the system of Declaranet, where the statements are made public is designed to protect the information from those who do not work in Government.
He added that to publish property of the spouses, their express authorization is required and official write in a note the goods or values that has your partner.
Sandoval pointed to herself, that December 14, 2018 transparentó in a note the value of three departments and two houses, explained, in co-ownership with her husband, «the system reflects the assets but not their values».
However, this explanation contradicts what allegedly occurred in the case of Sanchez Cordero, as in his original statement, from December 5, Irma Eréndira Sandoval Yes reported the existence of the name with his spouse although not publicly reported its value, unlike the case of the Department in Houston who did not appear in the document of the asset declaration of the Ministry of the Interior.
Social communication of the SFP insisted to mention the General Law of protection of personal data in possession of obligated to explain that only published information from third parties if these give their consent, defined in article 3 as «demonstration of the» will free, specific and informed of the owner of the data which is carried out the same treatment».
The document that regulates the operation of the Declaranet platform is the agreement whereby are given to know the formats to be used for filing returns of patrimonial situationpublished in the official journal of the Federation (DOF) in April of 2015 and reformed in October 2016.
«If the declarant is married under the regime of community property, you must declare the assets of the spouse, and if is under the regime of separation of property, only those who purchased wholly or partly with revenues of declarant», exposes the article 3.4 in its paragraph F. I.e., the law requires to report any property having the public servant, albeit in a part and not in its entirety.
Paragraph 3.5, on the publicity of economic data, details that the official can select the «Yes» option to make his statement public, or make it partially public marking the areas that want to not reveal, that may be the value of the property, the movable property, vehicles or bank accounts. But among options it is not hide information about spouses.
So Sánchez Cordero should declare the proportionate share of any goods which possess and, by agreeing to make his statement public, that property should appear in Declaranet, regardless of the protection of personal data of those who are not civil servants.
declares the percentage of that joint ownership
if a public servant has a good percentage, has the obligation to declare that part. Take co-ownership does not imply that you can hide all arguing to protect the information from other owners, explained Animal politician Eduardo Bohórquez, director of Mexican transparency and one of the promoters of the call law 3 of 3.
«That is not true. Because she what you are doing by recognizing that it is in joint ownership, is a percentage of the property, which does not determine it. «On that percentage, whatever it is, yes it is part of their heritage and not to mention it would be an omission to the asset declaration», said.
«While it is true that the law protects personal data of a third party and that a public servant is not authorized to make public information of a third party, in this case it is not a third party information; This is the information of the public servant because he is co-owner of a percentage», said Bohorquez.
Sanchez Cordero said the owner of the General direction of responsibility and equity situation of the SFP, Fernando Martínez García, responsible not to publish the data of the Department in Houston.
According to Bohorquez, if this official decided not to make public that property, could be investigated if he committed an irregularity, because it decided by the Secretariat what information is revealed or not.

Animal politician
asked the Ministry of public function (SFP) version of the official, but the response was that the owner of this dependency, Irma Eréndira Sandoval, had already explained the issue.

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