translated from Spanish: AMLO will make inquiry to operate thermoelectric in Morelos insulated the

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that a public inquiry be held in the State of Morelos to determine the operation of the thermoelectric plant in Huesca, in the municipality of Cuautla, Morelos.
The inquiry will be in 25 affected municipalities of Tlaxcala and Puebla, and in the State of Morelos, on 23 and 24 February.
The President explained that in the consultation will ask: «Are you agree that the operation of the thermal power plant in Huesca from the CFE started»?
He argued that even assessed whether the inquiry will be conducted by the Ministry of the Interior, as it has legal power.
He indicated that of not restart this plant, they would lose around 3 billion pesos a year, for what he called oppose who their operation, to take into account this point, because it is money from the people and otherwise «we would have to buy power to foreign private companies».

recalled that in 2009, the construction of the pipeline triggered protests and there was repression peasants, and even «some went to jail,» However it was concluded the work with an investment of 20 billion pesos.

«There are environmental movements that are supported by foreign companies who do not want competition. And when it comes to a plant as well, especially if it is of the nation, promote oppositions. Fortunately is the smaller part,»says @lopezobrador_. – (@Pajaropolitico) February 8, 2019

explained that the plant has a procedure for the treatment of wastewater, allowing clean water, «and we are making additional commitment, for» that the body of water of the Unesco certifies treatment, since it will return to the Río Cuautla».

said that there is the proposal for the municipalities through which passes the pipeline, have a special treatment regarding the collection of electric power, so that they have a low rate as part of the repair of the damage.
It requires an investment of 170 million dollars for this work, which is stopped by the opposition of residents to the passage of the pipeline.
Inhabitants of Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala have demanded President Andrés Manuel López Obrador cancel the project Integral Morelos, which includes a pipeline, an aqueduct and a thermal power plant.
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