translated from Spanish: Are ahead you of March at La Moneda: winter high plains and forest fires complicate Piñera summer

Control of the agenda that the currency had been deployed during January is erased at a stroke in these first days of February. Forest fires in the South of the country, mainly affecting the Region of Araucania, and weather emergencies in the great North, definitively overturned the currency plans.
Such was the confidence in Palace, President Sebastián Piñera had anticipated holidays in a signal of total normality, which gave him rest his political team, leaving only the owner of Social development, Alfredo Moreno in La Moneda. But the contingency said another thing, and the President must first suspend its rest to Temuco, to coordinate the work to deal with the emergency by forest fires. And this afternoon, it will make a new pause, this time to go to Calama, which has become the epicenter of the devastation that has left the Altiplanic winter. Initially, the presidential trip was newly scheduled for Monday, but inclement ahead of plans. «Given the difficult situation affecting the North of the country, anticipated journey to Calama to visit affected areas of the region this afternoon. «We leverage support networks and activate emergency plan for q the situation will soon normalize and victims receive aid», tweet the President.
The scenario is complex because rainfalls have not ceased and weather forecasts confirm that rains will continue during this weekend, specifically in mountain and precordilleran areas of Arica and Parinacota, Tarapacá and Antofagasta, with the consequent threat of floods, landslides, falling rocks and landslides. The ONEMI recent reports indicate that the phenomenon has led to the death of 6 people, in addition to isolated locations, and the suspension of mining operations.
Requested area of disaster the Government design Rodrigo Ubilla contemplated in addition the transfer of emergency of the Minister of the Interior (s) to move early to Calama, in the middle of a scene where political criticism have also increased towards the actions of the Executive.
Always fractious Antofagasta Mayor Karen red was emphatic, to prosecute the behaviour of the Government and said that it was «shameful that authorities at the national level have not taken decisions».
«We are asking the Central Government to take a decision and that they are responsible for. Importantly, el Loa province to be declared as a disaster area. It is not a rain which left a couple of hours. I am in favour of this Government, but now I think that they have been absent in decision-making», said building on Radio Cooperativa.
The Deputy Esteban Velásquez said in the same line, noting that «today we learned through the press that the authorities will travel to Calama, but we have spent nearly a week in this situation and just now that the mines are paralyzed at last Government and its maximum authorities put his attention on us. We hope that this visit will be to once and for all declare state of catastrophe to the Chilean Andean North and not continue putting us off.»
In the regions further north there is also discomfort and thus members have left in evidence around the area. «If the emergency is the overflow of the Mapocho River, the Government would move heaven, sea and Earth», complained Vlado Mirosevic. Meanwhile, Hugo Gutiérrez fired on Twitter: «much must wait Arica and Tarapacá to be declared disaster zone and more resources to be allocated?».
In this context, the regionalist Caucus demanded the Government end discrimination with Andean North and declare it disaster area. «Just as we have fought to defend residents facing fire in the South, today demand a fair deal for the Aymara people, Atacameño and Quechua who have lost everything in the North,» said the Congresswoman Alejandra Sepúlveda.

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