translated from Spanish: Danger in Isla Riesco: this Friday will be made the first blasting «controlled» in mine winter

Once the winter mine workers deposed mobilization that blocked the only access to the Riesco Island, this Friday at 16:00 will take place unimpeded, the first blasting «controlled Steplessly amount at»the coal deposit in the area, which was authorized by the environmental Court of Valdivia.
Blasting at this site of the Magallanes Region was initially scheduled for January 29. However, it was suspended because of the mobilization of three unions of the company that were in collective bargaining and prevented access from the environmental authorities to the place that day.
But unions yesterday signed the collective agreement with the company of Angelini and Von Appen groups, left green plan use of explosives set by the company.
The first «controlled» blast that will carry out the winter mine, will be to install type ANFO explosive charges on 48 wells drilling, to fly 28 thousand m³ of Earth and thus to assess the environmental impact. Subsequently, the mining plan is to make 100 thousand m³ blasting four times a week.
«Aberrations come true» environmentalist movements and citizens questioned this procedure. The Fima NGOs warned that «today is the day in which aberrations become reality», while the alert Isla Riesco Organization warned that it is «blasting in the Chile’s largest open-pit coal mine».
These groups put emphasis that the company not only increase the environmental impact in this area, the fourth largest island in Chile, where they inhabit multiple own ecosystems. There is also concern, because the use of explosives in the exploitation of coal in the Chilean Patagonia will make economically viable business of this fuel, thus perpetuating their use in sacrifice zones, «despite the global consensus on the urgency of your» I leave», they explain.
Also the environmental court approved the measure, advocates of natural heritage demanded the body that it stopped the use of the blasting «to not dismiss the real impacts in Isla Riesco».
Incidentally, the movement also denounced that the system of environmental assessment, whose function is to prevent social and environmental impacts, «does not give the width and subjugates the manipulations and fallacies of irresponsible companies, that without another objective that maximize your» «utility, seek the approval of highly polluting projects at all costs», appropriated in a public statement.

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