translated from Spanish: Haiti: Demonstrators demand the resignation of President Moise

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (AP) – thousands of protesters came out Thursday to the streets of the capital of Haiti to demand the resignation of President Jovenel Moise by failing to investigate allegations of c orrupcion in the previous Government around Petrocaribe, an energy program subsidized by Venezuela.Una person has died, apparently in a firefight near a protest, 36 more have been arrested and four police vehicles were burned, reported Gary Desrosiers, police spokesman. Demonstrator Valckensy Dessin said be protesting against the corruption that some got rich at the expense of the majority of the inhabitants, who are poor and hungry.» It is impossible», he said. «It is one of the main reasons for that which we decided to support the people, the working class». The protesters chanted slogans and held up blankets on the streets of Port-au-Prince, asking: «Where is the money from Petrocaribe?». They also set fire to tyres while riot police threw tear gas. Jean Charles Moise, a leading opponent, said that demonstrations will continue in the coming days until Moise surrender, something that Hamas has said that it will not.
«We will not stop, we will continue on 8 and 9 February to end President Jovenel Moise,» said the opposition leader. «If Jovenel Moise does not want to let the power we will to appoint an Acting President in the coming days.»

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