translated from Spanish: José Palazzo: «there is a growth of networked music that influenced grids»

increasingly need less to Cosquin Rock: rock festival will take place next 9-10 February, at the aerodrome of Santa María de Punilla, and will feature the pair participation of large national and international bands. Among them are Las Pelotas, Cyrus and the Persians, you won’t like it, the candle sow and more. In this context, and in the midst of the anxiety of the fans, the creator and producer of the event José Palazzo provided statements to Telam.» There is a growth of the music of the networks that already influenced festivaleras grids», he said, since one of the features of the festival is the incorporation of new rhythms and bands.

One of them is the trap, since there will be various references such as Wos or Dakillah. «It is a phenomenon of the platforms and streaming and this is the way that our children and grandchildren to listen music will have», commented to the middle. Palazzo explained that the single Cosquín will last two days for two reasons: «by one side is Carnival and on the other people it makes it difficult to travel in bad times, this is our second year in a row as well.» The meeting has 80 million pesos of investment and requires a volume of very large people. «Luckily the sales come well, we had a very important support of the public in the country». With regard to the incorporation of women to the festival, said that it found no «related bands for style headliner which we schedule the main stage». «We have no band of women that go with Ciro, Las Pelotas or Skay. I think that it will happen, the rock is young, is 50 years old and is logical that there is a renewal. There are bands of women who are at a stage of development, do not have any 10 or 12 years, three or four discs; Marilina Bertoldi, Eruca Sativa are approaching, they will be the big bands which you have to pass the time and maturation», he said. In this note:

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