translated from Spanish: Launch book “Archipelago of Chiloé” at Centro Cultural de Castro

launch book “Archipiela “go of Chiloé: memory and decolonization among extractive cliffs” Centre of social studies of Chiloé (CESCH) has created its own independent publishing house to publish an anthology that brings together 17 linked researchers, staff and professionally, a different territorial processes of Chiloé. This work, which consists of 13 episodes, is titled “Chiloé archipelago: new readings of a territory in movement” and its first launch will take place this Saturday, February 09 at 17:00 hrs. at the Cultural Center of Castro.
On that occasion, you can purchase the book and enjoy a wine of honor. For people who are not in the archipelago, the book may be requested in format digital and/or physical Web will be soon organized releases in Quellón, Ancud and other communities in Chiloé and in different public areas and universities in the country.
The chapters contained in the book are as follows: Chiloé archipelago: memory and decolonization among extractive cliffs.
Eduardo Mondaca Mansilla Chonos, Payos and South of Chiloé Williche: past and present of the denial of a people.
David Nunez Maldonado accumulation salmon in Chiloé: territorial tensions of an unequal relationship.

Vladia Torres Herrera

Álvaro mountain Soto shortage water in Chiloé: narrow diagnosis and proposals for a sustainable management of the water.
Fernanda Villarroel Bloomfield Megaparques farms, destruction of peat bogs and socio-political conflicts: the urgency of a democratic land.
Vanessa Durán Sanzana
Mansilla Mondaca Eduardo
Federico Francky Anwandter shadows of tourism in the neighborhoods of stilt houses of Castro.
Lisette Soto Delgado rather than the tangible: the heritage as a cultural design live in Chiloé.
esteban Mansilla Uribe
Patricia Mondaca Mansilla
Eduardo Mondaca Mansilla policy educational Island: the responsibility of political and territorial create their own
Sebastián Henríquez Farías the right to health in the Chiloé archipelago: the challenge of a model applicable to the territory and its complexity.
Valentina Subiabre Gallardo
Eduardo Mondaca Mansilla trajectories of Caribbean migrants in Chiloé: from the tropics to the long island winter.
Felipe Gallardo Subiabre three discursive forms of physical and sexual violence against women in the archipelago of Chiloé, 2014-2016.

Francisca Urzúa Castle

Pamela Carrasco Meza the price relative of the salmon.
Adolfo Andres Mariñanco Riffo local history and identities: approaches to the movement Hip Hop in the archipelago of Chiloé.
Jorge Campos Tapia from the Centre of social studies of Chiloé (CESCH) invite you to the insular community and society in general to attend this launch and discuss the current Chiloé territorial issues.

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