translated from Spanish: Scientists from the stick: «Choose you notice what we think in the songs»

19 years ago, it all began with a dream of José Pablo «pepo» San Martín, that materialized when he met Carlos «Popete» Andere and Sebastián Quintanill. They met, and gradually started to compose, devise. Thus was born scientists of bat, of the city of Mar del Plata for everyone. The band will be presented in the new edition of the Cosquin Rock, the classic rock festival that takes place in Santa María de Punilla. The show will take place on Sunday, February 10, on the North stage. In this context, Filo.News spoke with «Pepo» to learn how to prepare for the concert, and also on the more «social» facet of the band, showing in each song and each disk. «To rock» is a breakthrough for us to reach one of the main stages,»said the musician in dialogue with Filo.News, about what comes next Sunday show in Cordoba.» We have passed through several stages in this festival, and in particular our last show here was very emotional, there were many people singing and jumping with our songs», he added. However, said, this time a very «Rock» list, is coming since it believed that this type of short concerts and events in «no time for subtleties». Art as a tool as well defined the singer; According to his words, art is not a mere entertainment but a way to express themselves, communicate, transform, combat and decode the context in which we live. Thus «priest, the military and the owner of the cow» let it shown in songs like «Civilization and barbarism», or «We are the enemy», which became hits and captivated fans.» There are infinite ways to address an artistic project, we have chosen to smear us and take a stand, that you notice what we think through the songs,»argued regarding the musician. They have no filter when it comes to giving his word to say what they think. Precisely, «Pepo» provided his opinion with respect to the socio-economic situation in argentina: «is a nightmare. It is one of the worst constitutional periods that we have experienced. «It is disgusting to see how surrenders the country, how it promotes speculation above production and industry» then added: «how the capitals run away and sectors are enriched stock or financial, how to slopes that we move on hunger growing coffers» the same old families and conservatives of 200 years ago… And I could go on, but I think that now all have realized what it is this sinister plan.» The challenge of being one himself while waiting for post what’s new that comes with the band, «pepo» San Martin did not remain with their arms crossed and published «Ministry of the interior», an album composed of own songs and showing a facet very pers onal.» It was the product of a stage in which we were not producing new music in the band, and as I am quite restless I decided to use that downtime and make me do acoustic songs in a style almost folk, in the path of Dylan or Neil Young, who are artists that excites me «n long and that scientists fails to see the influence they have had on me», said.
But he warned that his desire is not to generate a ‘race’ solo or much less, wanted to express a message very clear: «If you put you headphones and listen to it carefully, you’ll hear my family’s background, my daughter walk on skates for example. I wanted to be created that atmosphere intimate and confessional». Without a doubt, is his most intimate project: «never believe had spoken so openly on me as on this album.» I liked the idea of the listener hear a type in its natural habitat, counting things of his life and with a tiny instrumentation», she confessed.» «It is a step that I enjoyed enough, he liked to make this disk and the good thing is that these songs will always be there, one day agarraré a bag and will be going to make a couple of small shows with this material», said.
How is it different with his work in scientists? «I think the big difference lies in the first instance in the instrumentation, sometimes in the heat of the search for the ‘rocker’ effectiveness some subtleties are lost, or conversely other things which, with an acoustic guitar, but not could be generated get», he said. Then, added: «tried it were songs that did not have the same path of the of the band, in ‘Interior Ministry’ there are other tricks, other types of chords, accompaniments, all geared towards a thing of singer-songwriter or Troubadour folk, so it wasn’t simply» a change in instrumentation but that issues also would mark another way. «Future in turn, with the band, and began trials for»Peronist volume two»:»we have found a new direction for the band, there will be many new tricks and resources that we had not visited yet,»told.» The truth is that it is a very auspicious stage which we are living, and do not see the hour of entering the Studio to record everything that happens in the rehearsal room», was completed. In this note:

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