translated from Spanish: Statistics of plastic: the year that we should realize

2018 was the year of becoming aware of the damage that is caused to the planet when there is no environmental awareness and appropriate regulation. You can be a very positive change because many materials by themselves are not bad, on the contrary, very noble are their benefits and their recyclability as plastic material PET bottles.
Obviously if we misuse of these resources, you can generate irreversible impacts.
It was time to act and not repeat figures as the of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), British body that showed that 90.5% of plastics generated during the year 2018 in the world were never recycled, leaving only 9.5% with proper treatment.
These statistics should boost us to collaborate, promoting actions as household recycling in our country. A positive and concrete progress will be law REP, we will see the benefits coming soon.
REP law by involving the companies that placed these materials in the market will encourage recycling by organizing and financing the management of waste generated by their products.
Today, due to scarce in the country household recycling, plastic bottles in Chile come with luck to landfills and you must import a large number of PET plastic bottles being consumption (thousand tons/year), post it with a efficient recovery of bottles of just a couple of communes of the metropolitan region would be unnecessary such importations.

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