translated from Spanish: Victor Manzanares, a new repentant in the cause of books

Victor Manzanares, counter by decades of marriage Kirchner, signed some moments ago an agreement with prosecutor Carlos Stornelli. The reason? Become in repented within the cause of notebooks, order that must now be endorsed by the particular judge Claudio Bonadio.En Manzanares is accused in one of the multiple legs that is the cause. In particular, in the chapter which investigates approximately 70 million dollars and took the country Daniel Muñoz, former Secretary of Kirchner’s and died in the year 2016.Las suspicions against pose that it would have been involved in both advising Daniel Muñoz , as well as Carolina Pochetti, spouse of the latter and today dam (on condition of regret).

Manzanares was accused in the case of notebooks for their participation on the heritage of Daniel Muñoz and his role in that environment of figureheads, lawyers, and businessmen. From another cause linked to former President Cristina Kirchner, of willows, Manzanares prisoner is by order of Claudio Bonadio from July of the year 2017 in Marcos Paz prison.

The judge ordered his arrest after Manzanares would have carried out «manoeuvres of dulling» on accounts that were inhibited by the fact Justicia.De, from investigations conducted since the unit’s (FIU), is It was determined that Manzanares had an account in Luxembourg for a sum of $300,000.

In another chapter that also opened in the last hours, Carolina Pochetti confessed according to sources of the nation, that her husband Muñoz would have paid a bribe to the federal judge Luis Rodriguez.el motive of bribery would have been to change that the judge will benefit it in two cau SAS that desestimaban their participation, both in the Panama Papers, as well as the statements of Myriam Quiroga, former Secretary of Néstor Kirchner, who said he saw Munoz moving bags of money to the former President. In this note:

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