translated from Spanish: Vorterix Debuts cursed Movies, a programme dedicated to film more pochoclero

damn Nerds is the daily program of Vorterix devoted to pop culture, where one speaks about gaming, technology, comic books, series, and of course, film. But at times Thursday column is short to discuss in depth major releases of the month. Damn Nerds last year extended the gaming segment to a podcast called «Damn Games», which in a few months it became one of the most heard in Argentina, and the most popular of the genre in Latin America.

Lucas Baini (left) chatted with all your actors and favorite directors «Cursed Movies» seeks to do the same for the film nerd, attacking the best of animation, superheroes, horror, fantasy and science fiction. The main equipment (Maximiliano Peñalver, Guillo Leoz and Mariano «Rippy» Rizza) is formed by veterans of damn Nerds, but for driving an expert was needed, and the chosen is Lucas Baini, a journalist who has traveled the world interviewing to the international film stars. 

In this first program of cursed Movies four movies are played: the highly anticipated sequel La Gran Aventura Lego 2, superheroes of Glass, the exclusive premiere of Netflix Velvet Buzzsaw and the end of the trilogy how train to your Dragon.el program opens all the Thursday at midnight in Vorterix, and you can see it through the web, Twitch of damn Nerds channel or channel 502 flow. And if you want to subscribe search «Cursed Movies» on Spotify or damned Nerds.En YouTube channel follow this note:

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