translated from Spanish: «Wake up Felipe Ward»: Mauricio Purto reminds the Minister that Matías Pérez Cruz company restricts access to the mountains

Via his Twitter account, the prominent national Mountaineer Mauricio Purto, made a call for attention to the Minister of national property, Felipe Ward, the controversy 200W to by the President of Gasco, Matías Pérez Cruz, who drove three women of Ranco Lake, on the grounds that they were on his property.
«It is an illegality that makes Gasco to close access to the volcano Maipo. There Sue Gasco for this illicit. Wake up Felipe Ward, the last to make the hard good little», wrote the doctor, referring to a situation that well known mountaineers who, for decades, have seen how difficult that is to access this mountain with resignation.
The reason? The volcano, more than 5 thousand meters of height, is a privately owned: the stone cross farm, Gasco S.A., where the pipeline coming from Argentina and which supplies natural gas to Santiago passes through.
Therefore, not allowed free access to climbers or ordinary people who would like to know this place.
«Now finally, due to the pressure, was an Access Protocol, which is quite bit inclusive because it is only designed for people with experience in mountain. What happens with people who want to enjoy the scenery? They may not have that permission. It is also absurd, because the Maipo gives its name to the most important Valley of the central zone and provides water to nearly 90% of the plantations. It is said that 70% of the water which is taken here comes from there. Chile sold as fate of mountains, sold out only, because when you want to climb that Hill, you can hardly do it», he said in a previous interview with the counter the Mountaineer Sergio Infante, director of the tape»country of mountains prohibited».

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