translated from Spanish: According to mocking, Juan Darthés «has thoughts of self-flagellation and a depressive crisis»

first and foremost what happened after the denunciation of Thelma Fardín against Juan Darthés for rape, the actor was exiled to Brazil and has no thinking of coming to the country unless that must occur to an audience of criminal conciliation, the 12th of this month, for the cause that he initiated against Anita Coacci, the actress who said that he would have suffered an abuse by the actor in 1999, while recorded Gasoleros.

In dialogue with «Us overnight», his lawyer, Fernando Burlando, said not only that probably should be present but that this entire situation generates a huge upset to Darthés.» Today is with a depressive crisis, has thoughts of self-flagellation, is medicated and I don’t really know if you can come only, I don’t know if you can upload it to a single aircraft. The theme of so marked depression in a human being is unmanageable for the man himself. Within this whole situation also became apparent systematically panic attacks», explained to flout.
«There are people who ended in suicide because it not tolerated popular repudiation».

«Darthés is broken, splinter part by part. It has its very stuffy head of bad ideas. It is normal for a person who is in the place where he is, with repudiation and hatred of many people, which shows it not only in networks. There is no person who resist this easily. There are people that ended in suicide because it not tolerated popular repudiation», he added.
«Specifically, it has ideas of these features, self-flagellation, of self-destruction».

«Specifically, it has ideas of these features, self-flagellation, of self-destruction. It is not permanent, it is not constant, now you’re medicated but so. It is very difficult to sustain this. It is in a place that you don’t want, without work, in Argentina can not go out… «It comes to the country and they are already thinking escraches», finally told. In this note:

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