translated from Spanish: 15 salaries are needed to be able to buy a chico 0 KM

while in 2017 in Argentina 11.2 salaries were needed to buy a car guy, as a Gol Trend, a Volkswagen Polo, Fiat Argo, Peuugeot 208, Toyota Etios, or a Chevrolet Onix in December of 2018 15.5 salaries were needed. And the first two months of the year that gap was boosted further since prices of vehicles, including bonuses, increased by around 6%, while wage increases are very down. This is reflected in the crisis in the automotive sector. According to a report by the consulting firm Invenomica, the family reported in January show that «there are no signs of recovery and 2019 is possibly worse than expected just a few months ago».

«In 2018 the purchasing power shrank by 11% and the Outlook for the first half of 2019 are very encouraging based on strong increases in basic services such as electricity and gas impinging on large measures the costs of goods and services.» An improvement of real wages could be realized only after the third quarter, but it is impossible that what was lost in 2018 «, can recover warns the report by the consultant. Patented during January of 2019 vehicles totaled 59.844 units, which shows an increase of 111% in consecutive months since December there had been 28.330. If the comparison is annual, fall rises to 50.4%, because in January 2018 120.558 units had been patented. In this note:

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