translated from Spanish: Anti-harassment devices can lead to the victim on trial

city of Mexico.-technology offers various devices of defense against harassment to women, with prpductos which can neutralize attackers; However, cause injury, may lead the victim to the Commission of a crime.

experts in security and technology warned that products as released with downloads can cause irreversible injury or even the death of the attacker, would lead it to the victim of abuse to criminal proceedings.

there are different devices but today they have relevance in other countries, here in Mexico, the goal of these devices is not regulated, are available at the tianguis tear gas or guns of Volt, said José Luis Calderón, Vice President of the Mexican Association of companies of private security.

stated that the purchase of these devices stems from the lack of immediate response from authorities against the new modus operandi of criminals.

the equipment voltage has harmful effects.
He explained that there are small stun guns of up to 800 thousand volts that work with batteries of lithium and spray tear gas that have with camera and GPS to show aggression.

according to Sedena sources it is possible to kill someone with a discharge of up to 50 thousand volts, which implies a culpable murder, which in the trial, could change to deliberate, the intention of attacking the attacker.

what is seen is a thin line between a killing intent and culpable, if someone has the intent to murder and argued that he did so because she was attacked, will be the elements to analyze in a trial.

the voltage produces harmful effects in the body. When this voltage difference between two points on the body it will be detrimental, with perhaps irreversible damage, he warned.

for control, an expert in technology, what lies ahead is an accumulation of judgments against victims of attackers, if not evidence a harassment.

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