translated from Spanish: «Shadowing of feudal Lord»: sharp analysis of the case of Matías Pérez Cruz Carlos Peña

The rector of the University Diego Portales, Carlos Peña, was not oblivious to one of the controversies of the week: the video of the President of Gasco, Matías Pérez Cruz expelling three women from the public Bank of the Ranco Lake, making q EU area was its property.
Through its traditional column in the newspaper El Mercurio, the academic says «scene that Matías Pérez expels three women on the shore of a Lake, is (beyond ridiculous and embarrassing) for the shadowing of feudal Lord a cultural overview of the contradictions «Chile today is: the owner against the citizen».
«The first, represented by Perez Cruz, feels that the right to property is the source which legitimizes his place and his authority in the social scene. Do not need to have read Locke (almost have not, busy as they were praying, remove accounts, taste music) to share his idea that private property is an extension of themselves, an almost magical way to extend the personality family networks and the desire of exclusion where it, full of itself, reaches. Thus explained that all the phenomena that you experience the contemporary Chile, overcrowding, the mobility, the emancipation of media groups and landscapes to denied access, constitute a threat to people that Perez cross now onwards It will represent. Because, you know Matías Pérez Cruz who with their behaviour just erect archetype? You will be aware that henceforth their surnames will be a short form of call all similar behavior to which he executed? «, he argues.
For the citizen, Pena says «he feels that there are spaces that belong to him, fields, landscapes, for which access is not property necessary title but the simple condition of citizenship, goods which, nevertheless, are denied them».
According to Peña, «the paradox of this scene derives from the fact that the same circumstance that makes possible the fortune of Pérez Cruz – capitalism and its modernization – is that has made possible, as predicted Marx or Tocqueville, that other millions of people who do not have their» Fortune, but they have agreed to use, they feel that they are individuals who, at some level, even at a minimum, the level of the law which Pérez Cruz is unknown, possess a status of equality with others and that, therefore, don’t leave so easily run by this type of person that replace the criteria by the simple savvy».
«The most interesting thing about the scene is that almost certainly, what troubles Matías Pérez Cruz, and agitated the so-called damage to private property as heritage (the type of discomfort from a simple person who sees that damaged you your car or paint you is not» rajean the wall of your home); What really bothers him is the simple presence of these three women who do not belong to your class, your family, or your circle (your unconscious makes you wield as a reason to expel them «having visits», which «is with your family»). It is the simple presence of the other what triggers their anger and that their effort is not intended to expel those three women of their premise, but to keep away them from their view,»he says.
«With their arrogant and self-righteous reaction, Perez Cruz shows the spirit possessing all who have become banks of seas and Lakes: a desire to isolate themselves from a sector of society that probably reminded the dark side of themselves» , because, aside from the faith, philanthropy and posturing, know that, as I said Balzac, the origin of his fortune always be able to find a crime, an abuse of those other people who worked for them and whose effort today enjoy this garden «, that tosco shadowing of eden», sentence.

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