translated from Spanish: The White House has not ruled out the possibility of a new » shutdown »

United States.-the White House did not rule out the possibility of a new » shutdown » if there is no agreement before February 15 with Democrats on the financing of the wall to the President Donald Trump wants to build on the border with Mexico. «The ‘shutdown’ of the Government is still theoretically on the table. We don’t want to get to that point, but this option always is open to the President and will remain so», said the chain Fox News Mick Mulvaney, the new head of interim cabinet of the White House.» I believe that the talks are at an impasse right now,»said Richard Shelby, Chairman of the Senate Commission of assignments.

The White House does not rule out the possibility of a new » shutdown ». Photo: AFP last Friday was the deadline for reaching an agreement on the financing of a wall with Mexico, which makes planning the questions about another partial closure of the Government after the 35-day that concluded on January 25 , the longest in the history of the country. Lawmakers of both parties responsible for negotiations were optimistic Friday. But Shelby warned Sunday: «the clock is ticking, but we are having some problems with the Democrats in turning the ICE», said referring to United States Customs and immigration service.  US President held Monday a meeting of campaign in El Paso, Texas, near the Mexican border, where there are convened a demonstration anti-wall at the same time. 
They propose very little money for the wall that we desperately need in the border, tweet this Sunday the President. 

Mulvaney mentioned the possibility of resorting to a procedure of exceptional urgency to unblock the funds needed to build the wall. 

We take so much money as we can give, and then legally go to find money elsewhere to ensure that southern border; (the wall) will be built with or without Congress, said. 

The law of national emergency (NEA), approved in 1976, gives the President the authority to declare a «national emergency» that grants him extraordinary powers, but must justify it with a specific reason. Decree allows the White House to proclaim martial law, limit civil liberties, requisitioning private property, mobilize the National Guard and recruit personnel military, and restrict trade, communications and financial transactions. Another law allows President to use the budget of the army for «construction projects military», in the event of a declared national emergency. But it is difficult that the wall in this category. Congress has refused to give Donald Trump the 5,700 million dollars you want for the wall that aims to curb the influx of immigrants. 

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