translated from Spanish: Claudia Apablaza, editor of the books of the rattan woman: “When you write a book we must let it stand”

If you could take a SIP with an or a writer, who would?
It would take me a wine with Emily Brontë. It would take her to the Indian food that is outside my home.
If they force you to write a book with someone, who would you choose?
I would choose at the Eloisa. The other day I had to write a story for a book of children and spent it super well. Also could be that suddenly with the Elo as we draw then improvised a text and drawing. Completely object a tip to deal with blocking a book creative first thing I do is read or search for things before I’ve written so I start to write about those things. Read other quick things or autoplagearme doing copy paste on a text and write about that.
What things do you like that a few people seem to like you?
Excessive heat and eggplants.
A literary character that you’ve identified the 20 I felt identified with the of the conspiracy of fools, that is a good strange character. A little with that black humor and be a little loser and feel identified with his failures.
An application that you like much the Richard Sandoval recommended me one to do gymnastics, but I never got hooked. Waze which I like the most is to find places. I think that all applications of maps.
Your favorite word
phone. I feel that one has a world inside a phone because it is something that we have been everywhere and is a word I use fed up, the pa beyond phone and phone pa here and so.
The best advice you have given you when you write a book you have to let it stand. That what I learned over the years, for example the book I’m writing now already left it as a saved year and feel that one can go putting things before go showing it, you can deepen it or working it a little more about things than before you were not able to see.
and the worst?
I don’t know who gave you me, but that study Psychology. I never should have studied psychology. I spent six years and I have never exercised it. Some tell me already, but you used for the construction of character and for nothing, my characters are not as well built then is not subject for my psychology, I feel that I’ve lost heavy weather.
Some of which never talk in a football book. Or that there is a guy who is footballer or that there is a court anything. Since I hate football, lol.
A mythological character who would have liked you to be what are those horses flying called? A Centaur, but do not want to be a man. It should be Centaury. A Centaurides because I would never be a man and I’m riding in the Chinese horoscope.
Have you ever had any gay experience?
No. The gayest I had was playing with friends pololas, but very representing a man woman, a hetero experience but with two girls.
Your quote of Lady what atrocious.
A series or movie I loved Love. I’m not much of a series, but at some time we began to see them with George and that scratched me. I love the screenwriter, Lesley Arfin, has a book called dear diary and that is great and Love counts its history of life and the guy who is actor, Paul Rust, is married to her in real life. It was heavy as she counted his life, that the protagonist was her husband, but that were not in the story.
A famous book that you would have liked to write Into the Wild. It is very best-seller but cool or not?
When firms a book what you usually write I am not good in autographs, I think I have to learn. There are people who make great autographs and I when it comes to dedicate a book I’m never prepared and each time that happens to me I say I’ll start to think my autographs.
Which the Guy of the 8 character would you be?
I do not know whether Doña Florinda or Professor Jirafales, but I don’t like to be male and the Doña Florinda is medium heavy. Oh no, all fall me bad.
Some natural phenomenon that you remember the 2010 earthquake. It was very intense. I lived on the 1985 and now the micro earthquake in La Serena but find that the 2010 was too long.
Book adaptarías Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto Tu viral favourite film after the news of the collector who stole statues, gave me much laughter from the statue of liberty hiding from it.

Which language would you like to learn Chinese. I think that it is high risk in addition that you taken another worldview, I think that it would change the head because it is thinking in images or something super different.
A board game I like to play the ludo. Find it very entertaining.
The last book that made you cry the year of magical thinking of Joan Didion.
Recommendations for read this summer the funeral of Lolita de Luna Miguel
Kintsugi of María José Navia
reflections in a golden eye, Carson Mccullers a photo of Lorraine Palavecino Hunting song

Original source in Spanish

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