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masters of the region IX of indigenous education, the national coordinator of education workers (CNTE) via railway in Uruapan, Michoacán, was determined to release the railway section of Caltzontzin, taken from 14 January . The hope is that railway runs restart activities immediately.
However, teachers warned that if in one week the Federal and State authorities do not give full response to all points on the table (of wages and allocation of places), the railway will again be blocked.
The Governor of the State, Silvano Aureoles, through their official accounts in social networks, confirmed the release of routes and the resumption of the activities of transport of goods by train.
«I recognize the will of the Magisterium to channel their legitimate demands through the dialogue, and to renew my commitment to find, together, the Government of Mexico, the State and teachers, the best solutions to this important educational issue», says literally one of the messages posted by the State Governor.

This afternoon members of the CNTE withdrew the blockade kept Caltzontzin, municipality of Uruapan, what the passage of trains has been revived and with it the transportation of goods from the port of Lazaro Cardenas. – Silvano Aureoles (@Silvano_A) February 11, 2019 as a magisterial spokesman, who refused to give his name, explained that the determination of free routes occurred after holding a meeting where it was determined to allow progress table tripartite work.
At a mass meeting of indigenous education, we have set»back out of the way (of the train). «We want to take that step so that the tripartite table go walking, you can pass on some points we have in agreement», explained.
Blocking involving approximately 200 teachers began to rise at the edge of 14:45 hours of Monday and therefore was released across the railway network in the State.
The Group of indigenous education was the only one who had refused to abandon this measure of pressure and conditioned the solution of all the educational problems to leave tracks.
His refusal prompted even the national coordinator of education workers (CNTE) aware of them and are separate from the socket.
As you will be recalled, locks in railway tracks of the entity started on 14 January, in a total of seven points, which included Lazaro Cardenas, Uruapan, Mugica, Pátzcuaro and Churchill, among others.
It was on January 31, and following a sustained Assembly the CNTE, which were released four points inside and, within days, two more, which intermittently were removed and put on the Rails.
In this context, two professors of Lazaro Cardenas were called to appear, as part of the complaint filed by the railway company of Kansas City.
According to the agreements made by the CNTE the indefinite work stoppage, the sit-in outside the Government Palace and takes in town halls and offices of incomes, at least 20 points in the State, will remain.
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