translated from Spanish: He collided to robbers who shot him and thus avoided an entradera in his house

21-year-old stopped four armed criminals from entering his house, located in 3039 Pasteur in Buenos Aires of Castelar. The fact that met today took place the Friday night when Romano Valentino came to his house on Board of your Chevrolet S10. As you can be seen in the filming of the security cameras, while the young man hoped that the gate was opened to enter the vehicle, he was caught by four criminals that are mobilized in a Ford Fiesta Kinetic blue. Three of them got off the car armed and fired towards the Roman truck to intimidate him and enter the home, but at that time the young reversed, crashed the car of offenders and again hit him on his left side when he accelerated to escape from the place.

«I had to make the decision to do what I did, I wanted to avoid that they come to my house, if I stayed in the truck, it would let them enter where was my single MOM,» said Romano.

After that reaction of the victim, the robbers escaped and left the Ford Fiesta to some fifteen blocks, at the corner of Mayor Barbosa and Maza.En the place the police found five pods served caliber 9 mm and then found, through the images taken by a security camera in the area, the vehicle used by the criminals had asked of capture. «In dialogue with the channel America TV, Roman explained that»I returned from work and was going to get some rest»when criminals,»they were young and were quiet,»stopped and began it to demand that it fell of the truck.» What I want is that as society make a diagnosis as it is, we don’t need more police, but judges and prosecutors who do their job and don’t let these people out of the revolving door,»called the young man.
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