translated from Spanish: Justice denied the request of Cristina Kirchner and not to delay his trial

within the framework of the judicial journey that the former President must confront this 2018, February 6 had been submitted the request to postpone the trial to Cristin Kirchner must deal with in the framework of the cause of public works. The trial is for alleged delivery of 52 contracts of the Ministry of Federal Planning, led by Julio De Vido, Lázaro Báez companies, process that marked the delivery of more than 40 billion pesos during the Kirchner. Finally, following the rejection of this order by the Federal Oral Court N ° 2 was defined on Tuesday, February 26 the former President will attend the courts of Comodoro Py accused for alleged fraud in public works.

The requested had been performed before the Court in question through his lawyer Carlos Beraldi, where in addition to this presentation had joined other orders of incompetence to allow the cause to pass to Rio Gallegos, also rejected justice. According to judicial sources consulted by Argentine news, the Court in question performed the body of experts of the Court so that they deem the term of completion of expertise commissioned by the judges to decide whether paid or not overcharges in the works. Precisely, the order by the team of Cristina Kirchner pointed to that it did not want to start the trial without having finished this expertise.

In the trial for alleged fraud, public works will be also judged the former Minister of Federal Planning, Julio De Vido; Lázaro Báez businessman and former Secretary of public works, José López, among other former officials. Remember that in addition to the cause of “Notebooks”, Cristina Kirchner must deal with other five judicial proceedings: the Memorandum with Iran (processed); Hotesur (to trial); The Willows (processed); Dollar future (trial) and public works (processed) addressing. In this note:

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