translated from Spanish: Michoacan Congress legislates to ensure labour rights

Morelia, Michoacan.-in the ongoing search for agreements between the different labour authorities of the State, organizations and trade unions, in order to build better working conditions, the members of the Committee on labour and Social security of the 74 legislature, held the second Forum on “The role of bodies impartidores of Justice before labour disputes”, in the central courtyard of the Legislative Palace so they reported in a statement.
With the participation of Mrs Maria Teresa Mora Covarrubias, federal Member of Parliament Anita Sanchez Castro and Senator for Michoacán Blanca Estela pineapple Gudiño, the legislators listened to representatives of State employees concerning the conditions prevailing in the State for this sector.
In this regard, la diputada Teresa López Hernández, the President of the Commission, explained before dozens of attendees work played and the results after the first Forum, always putting the commitment to recover the lost rights and protect workers in the framework of the relationship worker employer.
It recognized that while there was a rapprochement with the State executive authorities to know the situation that prevails in the State; Some agencies suffer from a significant lag as soon as attention and solution of various labour demands, mainly affecting the worker.
The legislators unveiled that a worktable with the Chair of the Legislative Commission, will be established in order to establish agreements between the Executive Branch and legislative ties, enabling progress towards the eradication of corruption in various Government agencies and reorient the actions of those who must protect the job security of the worker.
Finally, the members of the Committee on labour and Social Welfare, made vows to continue working hand in hand with the Michoacan citizens and advance towards a more just working life and with strict respect for the fundamental rights of the workers.

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