translated from Spanish: Piñera is Bachelet by crisis in Venezuela: «We are aware of the decisions that it takes»

President Sebastián Piñera reiterated Monday the call upon the High Commissioner for the rights of the UN human, Michelle Bachelet, to take measures against the political crisis facing Venezuela. 
«She knows very well the situation of Venezuela and know very well what their obligations. And, therefore, we are aware of the decisions that she take in this matter», said Pinera.  «The political and economic crisis, the social and humanitarian tragedy is of such magnitude, of such gravity and extends for so long, and has meant so much pain and suffering to the people of Venezuela, I think that it’s over time of the reflections, of the» «Diagnostics and became the time of action and solutions», added the President. 
In that vein, the head of State recalled that «it is for this reason that the Government of Chile, as well as almost all the Governments of Latin America and the vast majority of European countries and the countries of North America, such as USA and Canada We have decided to support the President (Manager) Juan Guaidó.» 
The President stressed that «we believe that he (guided) is part of the solution and we believe that continuity of Nicolas Maduro, who is part of the problem, and cause does not help at all to solving the problems of Venezuela».
«We are in favour, as we have said always that the best solution is the first anything, call free elections, open, transparent and competitive as soon as possible, so that the Venezuelan people can decide peacefully and within its own «Constitution the ways out of this crisis», added. 
Finally, he stressed that «We also believe essential to immediately open the channels so that humanitarian aid can reach Venezuela, and relieve the pain and suffering that so many Venezuelans are experiencing due to lack of food and medicine. «Chile is ready and prepared to just open those channels of humanitarian aid to send to the people of Venezuela».

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