translated from Spanish: Right manifests itself in Madrid, calls for resignation of Sanchez

MADRID (AP) – thousands of Spaniards took part Sunday in a demonstration called by right-wing Madrid parties to ask for the resignation of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.Muchos de attendees at the ceremony in the Central Plaza de Colón were carrying flags of Spain and chanted slogans com «Sanchez resignation», «Election» and cheering for the security forces. The conservative people’s Party and the formation of a centre-right citizens, both in the opposition, organized the event, which had the backing of the ultra-right Vox and other marginal formations of the radical right. The organizers claim that Sánchez must resign by talks with separatists in the northeastern region of Catalonia.

Demonstrators displayed posters and flags of Spain during a protest called by Parties of rights at Madrid, February 10, 2019, to ask for the resignation of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez. (AP Photo/Andrea Comas)

«The time for the Government of Sanchez has already finished», said the President of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, who urged voters to punish the Socialist Party of Sanchez in the European, regional and municipal elections in May.

Political tensions are exacerbated on the eve of the trial scheduled to begin Tuesday in the Supreme Court against 12 separatist leaders, who face charges including rebellion, for his role in a failed bid for independence in 2017.sanchez inherited the crisis Catalan of his predecessor in the Moncloa Palace, Mariano Rajoy, who then PP. Rajoy headed also was unable to contain the rise of the independence movement, a trend which was joined by about half of the voters in the region. Speaking at an event of the Socialist Party in the North of Spain, Sanchez recalled his political opponents when he was the leader of the opposition, it supported Rajoy in the situation in Catalonia after separatist officials in the region they were a referendum of independence in October of 2017 in defiance of the Spanish courts.» What I am doing now as President, always respecting the Constitution, is solving a crisis state that the PP contributed to aggravate,»said Sanchez.» The Government of Spain working for the unity of Spain, which means joining the Spaniards and not deal with them. What do the three rights in Columbus, seeking to divide», he said. The Socialist leader came to power in June with the promise to smooth tensions between the central Government in Madrid and the Catalan leaders in Barcelona. Sanchez met twice with the President of the regional government, Quim Torra, and several more meetings were held by members of the two executives. Sanchez said that he would be willing to negotiate a new Statute of autonomy for Catalonia, which determines the self-government in the region. But the Executive of Madrid broke negotiations negotiations last Friday, when the Vice President Carmen Calvo said that the secessionists would not abandon its demand for a referendum on independence. Sanchez is trying to gather support to approve national budgets and needs the votes of the catalan pro-independence group in the national Parliament to achieve this. Although he reiterated in want to exhaust the parliamentary term, which expires in 2020, if budgets do not pass the parliamentary process Sanchez might be forced to call early elections.

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