translated from Spanish: The science of order

digital files very well. Finally you decided to take a big technological step and you have chosen to scan your documents. Of course, this is a breakthrough, because you will not need a large physical space for the file, you will have at your disposal documents more easily, and above all, a saving of many economic and environmental resources, as no longer necessary all the You can print on paper.
Certainly you should not forget that scan your file reverts other great advantages for your company, office or business, in addition to those already listed, now you can preserve your documents safer and, in addition, you can have them in a way much faster and easier.
For this reason it is extremely important that, when it comes to save your information in a digital server, take into account some considerations that will help you locate them promptly and effectively. In this regard, of the Japanese company Kyocera experts say that, if you start to have a habit of order, the workflow will improve dramatically and your customers will be more secure. In addition, they provide recommendations which we list below.

Sets the way in which must be stored digital files. Your team should know precisely what data to put in the name of the file, what will be the nomenclature and is back. With a clear regulation in your company, business or office document digitalisation benefit workflow.
Use descriptive names. Among details include easier to differentiate documents and find them. This will prevent you to waste time reviewing the content to find the correct. Put the theme, the company and the date is a good way of classifying them.
Put the date in reverse order. Begins by year, then month and, in the end, the day. In this way you will have folders sorted automatically and the search system will be easier. Remember that the order is paramount at the time of filing.
Don’t forget the backs of security. While there are automatic backups in the cloud, it is always important to make copies on hard disks every time. You can prevent accidents from loss of information.
Use subfolders without fear. Don’t be afraid to create specific folders, because with these you will manage your cloud is more orderly and the team will find what you need without support of the person who created the file. The secret of good management of documents is in the details.
Finally, there is no more mention that the training of employees is very important. Ordered file processes must be known by the entire team, which must learn to use the servers to not make mistakes.

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