translated from Spanish: They charged Macri, Aranguren and Iguacel to privatize power plants

accused of trying to privatize the thermoelectric Ensenada de Barragán and Brigadier López, President Mauricio Macri and former Ministers of energy Juan José Aran GUREN and Javier Iguacel were charged and will be investigated by the public prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita.La news unveiled it the InfoNews portal, at the time reported that Monday reported the companies that preclasificaron in tenders, these being Central Port (owned by Nicolás Caputo, the only admitted to the Brigadier López plant and also involved by Ensenada de Barragán) and YPF.

The complaint was filed in November 2018 by the deputies Rodolfo Tailhade (unit citizen), Fernanda Vallejos (Unidad Ciudadana), Adrian Grana (FPV) and Maria Emilia Soria (FPV). In one of the sections, Tailhade ensures that this privatisation «will convert to a shocking gift to his friends in a strategic asset of the State».

The procedures in question were established by Decree 882/2017, published 1 ° of November of 2017 and signed by Macri. In: central Barragan was assessed by the State in 305,9 million dollars and a minimum amount of tender cash of 229 million dollars Brigadier López, for his part, was valued at 207 million dollars with a minimum of 155 millions of dolare cash offer s this evince a price colossally minor (about 400 million dollars less) than the actual value of the stations. «How it can support the Argentine Government to obtain strategic public assets by almost 267 – Barragan – and 110 – Brigadier Lopez – million dollars less than what they were worth in 2012?», question the legislators in the complaint. It argues the prosecution would be verified by the financial operating data published by ENARSA: result EBITDA (without deducting tax) for 2017 gave a total of 121.4 million dollars of profit to Barragan and other 62 to Brigadier López.

The bidding process would have also been irregularities: Iecsa – one of the builders of plants along with Isolux – abandoned works without finalizing them and was compensated by the State for 1,600 million pesos. This happened when Ángelo Calcaterra, cousin of Macri, was President of the firm. Meanwhile, the executive director and Manager of thermoelectric Ieasa (ex ENARSA) sudden Raul Alberto and Adolfo Marcelo Piccinini signature projects control manager worked for more than 10 years for Calcaterra. Just at the end of 2017 became ENARSA, which would prove that they were on both sides of the multi-million-dollar compensation.» Is clear that former employees of the Macri family have there been appointed to direct or influence the procedure for privatisation of the thermal power plants and economically help several people close to the President,»says the text complainant.

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