translated from Spanish: Justice avoids referring to failure of Frei as “assassination” case: “First to finish the process”

The Minister of Justice, Hernán Larraín, has referred to the recent criticism that has generated the ruling which established the murder of the former President Eduardo Frei Montalva. 
In this regard, the owner of Justice said “here there was in the first instance the determination that there has been a murder”. “The Government wants to go more in the rating of this crime: rather than simple homicide, there is the condition of being a homicide”.
“The rest, is part of the legitimate argument that always can be in these areas, but that in the area of the Government not for us to assume.” Only follow procedures under the law to ensure that finally the superior courts to determine the definitive judicial truth”, said.
On Monday, members of the Christian democracy (DC) accused the existence of an operation media seeking to discredit the ruling. They also criticized Acting President Sebastián Piñera to keep in Office Undersecretary welfare networks, Luis Castillo, who was criticized in the opinion of the Minister Alejandro Madrid.
“First let’s end the process and then add words that are not specific to the law. They are own personal qualifications, the press or commentators, but let us follow the path of law and let us hope that the Supreme Court finally ditch that this delicate situation it is”, said the Secretary of State about why does not refer to the murder Frei as an assassination. 

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