translated from Spanish: Lorena Gallo (Bobbitt) broke the silence to 25 years cut penis to your spouse

in an interview with the Telemundo, Lorena Gallo (Lorena Bobbitt during her marriage) broke the silence about the episode in which, after being vi victim of abuse by her spouse, decided to cut off his penis. Gallo, he said that the night of the facts your spouse got drunk and raped her. «I was psychologically destroyed. And I could not think that reaction,»said the woman, who at trial argued temporary dementia. The woman said was systematically victim of abuse by her husband, both sexual and psychological. «Trauma is not only emotional and mental, live something that you can not describe it,» said Gallo.En interview, the woman said that she was outraged when he married, and about her husband – who was who in the trial was found not guilty of rape – held that «I never thought that it was an abusive being.» I was in love with my spouse, seemed attractive and honest». «It was a vicious cycle of domestic violence (…) «I did not know where to go, I was isolated, it felt that I was imprisoned in my own home». Gallo said that he decided to deliver his testimony publicly, 25 years later, as he feels he has a mission to help women victims of violence.

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