translated from Spanish: Murders, rapes and torture, other accusations against the Chapo

the Mexican Joaquin Guzman Loera, known as “El Chapo”, is the biggest dealer tried for the Justice of the United States, which Tuesday took a key step for a sentence to life in prison. The Prosecutor’s office carried out the accusations against succeeded in proving that the former leader of the Sinaloa cartel, of 61 years, appealed to very violent resources to consolidate and maintain his power. El Chapo, other traffickers also called “The quick”, by the speed with which could move the shipments of cocaine to Los Angeles and there were those who they nicknamed it ‘Architect’, by the exquisite design of the tunnels built to pass the drug.
Shots to the traitors and “vitamins” Guzman when he was presented by Mexico to the Justice of the United States one of the most gruesome testimonies that were heard during the trial was that of Isaías Valdez Ríos, an exguardaespaldas of Guzman. The man revealed the vitriol with which the Chapo attacked several of his victims. He explained the case of two “traitors” who abandoned the Sinaloa cartel to join Los Zetas. As stated, they were executed by the Chief with his own hands. “Joaquin was still hitting them with his gun and a branch, but his bones were completely broken and could not move,” he described harsh.  Spoke in addition another man to the Chapo burned with a fire iron and after spending several days locked up, they took him blindfolded to a cemetery, interrogated and own Guzman shot him with his weapon.
“The man was still panting when it was thrown into a pit and buried alive,” according to said the exguardaespaldas of Guzman.

In turn, Jesús Zambada, another of the former employees of El Chapo, told to the jury that his boss ordered to kill shots to Rodolfo Carrillo Fuentes by not giving the salute. They shot him out of a cinema with their spouse. Another witness told how Guzman raped several young women, some of them children, teens aged 13 to which the capo of drugs considered “vitamins”. In the indictment against the drug kingpin, he spoke of at least 26 sexual abuse, although researchers suspect that they were many more. It can fail Jorge Cifuentes became the main supplier of cocaine from the Sinaloa cartel. And while he was serving a sentence in prison, he offered to the Chapo as a Hitman to kill a traitor. But it could not fulfill it, even if you tried it. A gun, a knife, a grenade and some cyanide contrabandearon him. When the prosecutor asked that for what both, replied that in order to be able to choose. And opted for cyanide: he threw in one of arepas that his victim was going to eat at breakfast, but the boy ate is only one, which was not poisoned. So he returned to try activating a grenade in the cell while he slept. Also ran: bed rested where their ‘white’ was cement. “I gave up,” he admitted. “Love and fear”, mistress thus defined Lucero its relationship with Chapo Lucero Guadalupe Sánchez López was one of his victims, and admitted having been mistress of the former leader of the Sinaloa cartel. Declaring, he recalled that he met Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán when just he was 21 years old. He explained that shortly after she was sent to the gold triangle in the tri-border of the Mexican States of Durango, Sinaloa and Chihuahua to buy marijuana “good, nice and cheap”.
“Until today I am confused because I thought that it was a relationship,” said at the trial the woman who came to be a member by Sinaloa.

The woman confessed that form next to his lover, in 2014, they managed to escape from the police to flee through a tunnel built under a tub in a house in Culiacan. El Chapo was completely naked. It revealed that they were in bed when three or four in the morning woke up with the noise of the helicopters for the Mexican police. Guzman took running it up to the bathroom and, to his surprise, activated a mechanism that lifted the tub and thus managed to escape. Sánchez López was arrested more than one year and a half when he tried to cross the border from Mexico to San Diego, United States, and charged with conspiracy to smuggle cocaine. In this note: Chapo Guzman drug trafficking

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