translated from Spanish: Program that promotes the programming in girls lands in Valparaíso and Temuco

both in Chile and in the world, women’s participation in higher education related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (known by the acronym in English as a STEM) does not exceed 10%, inequality that remains up to the boards of major companies, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook, none directed by a woman.
One of the factors that lead to these results is that not is it encourages girls to acquire the interest in these areas. For this reason, the programme Technovation Challenge, project that teaches girls aged between 10 and 18 years on programming was established. In our country, Technovation Chile starts its fourth year with the addition of two new cities, in addition to the capital Santiago: Valparaíso and Temuco.
The central objective is to inspire Chilean girls to create mobile applications that help solve a real problem in your community: poverty, environment, peace, equality, education and health. In addition, they must draw a business plan, according to the raised initiatives, enabling the implementation of the app.
As explained by Constanza Díaz, CEO of Technovation Chile, “the purpose of the program is not only that the students learn to program or to improve their skills in the case of the most advanced: we firmly believe that ideas and projects of the” Chilean girls can generate value for their learning at school and at the same time, increase the participation of women in STEM areas”.
The election of two new cities is a multifactorial decision: “the potential for development outside the Metropolitan Region is enormous. We need urgently to form skills that girls and adolescents develop in the program, making it reach regions implies to give a boost to the rest of the country to be part of this new digital education that will revolutionize the forms of labour in room, and independent of the industry, have a high technological component”, points out Diaz.
Participants do not need to have any prior programming experience, since the programme of work includes the active participation of monitors that lead to girls in the process. “There are no entry requirements, only the desire to solve everyday problems of their communities and want to dream of a better world”, says the CEO of Technovation Chile (
Currently, more than 15 schools and a public library have implemented the international programme, which globally was attended by more than 35,000 girls from more than 100 countries, whose solid and successful results have been measured and certified by universities and international schools such as MIT.
“The management of a programme of high impact as Technovation implies resources that go far beyond financing. We have a successful methodology, which carries 10 years running, with a solid resume, so it is the guarantee of professionalism that is behind. For this reason we are very happy that some companies are seeing value to the cultural shift that is generated from Technovation and want to collaborate so that we continue to grow in Chile”, says Diaz.
Government and programming in recent weeks, the Government sent a presidential instruction of transformation Digital as part of its plan of modernization of the State, which has three axes: unique digital identification, zero row and zero paper. In addition, since the Ministry of education has been implemented “Chile programme”, project that lays the groundwork for integrating programming from 1 to 6th Basic.
“These are clear signals that all verticals we need to promote the digital evolution of Chile and that women should not only be considered spectators or users of technology, but creators of digital solutions in any field. Only it takes motivation and learning tools to advance”, concludes CEO of Technovation Chile (

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