translated from Spanish: Sheinbaum said that campaign was to affect

the head of Government of the city of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported that his team will get in touch with the companies that are part of the campaign against kidnapping attempts in the Metro, known as # Meestanllevando, to let”already proceed”.
The #MeEstánLlevando initiative came a few days ago in the city of Mexico. The statement that the campaign argues that this arises with the aim of “establishing a phrase that is recognized by all when a woman is in danger” as well as “put reflectors on its maximum power on the issue, being in the mind and in the voice of all s to raise awareness”.
This release is not signed by any person or organization.
Read: #VivasNosQueremos: women March against femicide and attempted kidnappings in Metro the head of Government was considered the messages placed in spectacular and furnishings of the capital of the country with the legend #MeEstánLlevando are part of a campaign against her.
“Surely is part of some opponents who don’t like that citizenship is supporting us,” said express question during his Tuesday press conference.
In addition, the capital President said that it was entrusted to the legal adviser of the city, Héctor Villegas Sandoval, contact with companies that are part of the campaign.
“We hope to actually see with the companies and that this campaign already leave in the city of Mexico”, said Sheinbaum Pardo.
Read: Release the two men accused of trying to kidnap a young woman in the metro placed messages in the parabuses Medical Center, spectacular urban furniture reads: “cries out, me being, to help you. To stop the kidnapping of women”. Social media the label #meestánllevando has been supported by men and women.
Being a phrase that is not signed, some users of social networks believe that it is a measure of the Mexico City Government and question its effectiveness.

Ah not for thus already solves the problem @Claudiashein @GobCDMX #meestanllevando – Vivian Patron (@Vivi_Patron) February 9, 2019 Meanwhile in #CDMX… the cries for help, are part of the landscape. #MeEstánLlevando – Arthur (@ArturoAguirre) February 11, 2019 #Condesa #CDMX #meestanllevando #gobiernodemexico d is the best solution to what happens? Do not see more monitoring on the contrary I see more failures to act – Abigail Solorio (@abisolrom) February 12, 2019-#MeEstánLlevando is not the first initiative that emerges as a protection option for women who face danger in the the city’s streets. A few days ago was born the #SafePlaces movement, which promotes women to safeguard in establishments such as restaurants, shops and galleries if they feel at risk.
Establishments wishing to join #SafePlaces must be registered on a list.  The commitment of these places is to let women, give them a table and allow them to stay until the danger has passed and feel safe.
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