translated from Spanish: The insatiable: pizza and pasta more than good price

They have 16 years making good quality Italian food. The insatiable, store located in Andrés de Fuenzalida 40, a walk from Los Leones metro, has been transformed into a great benchmark for money. A – very – wide range of pizzas and pastas, a favorite spot among the people of Providence has earned.
The place itself is a nice mix between vintage décor and a restaurant with sea ornaments, with a very good selection of classics in the background to entertain the waiting or accompany food. In less than 10 minutes sounded Metallica, R.E.M., The Cure and Radiohead. The soundtrack of a joint with friends.
During February, the month of love, especially love the pizza they celebrate wanting in the insatiable. Why lead a rich output to eat: the legendary all-you-can-eat pizza lower their price to $6,900 for all audiences. To make an idea: Charter of the free Pizza price is $11.990.
From the local tell us that two of its strengths – which are those calling for more – are the pepperoni pizza and the Neapolitan. Emphasizes lean mass, just as the ingredients and generous but not over cheese. Ask for the free pizza pass different ingredients, which include arugula, ham, shredded beef, Ecuadorian shrimp, caramelized onion and up – to – the controversial pineapple.
But, and unlike other premises where meat is non-negotiable in the letter, here the vegetarian diners have their place. With 6 options – Margherita, Quattro cheeses, Basilica, Cecilia, Fugazza and Mais d’Oliva –, is an ideal pizzeria for those who shy away from meat products. Even a vegan could order a pizza without cheese.
Now, we not only pizza live. In the insatiable boast a selection of pasta that envy you nothing to the pizzas. The insatiable spaghetti, lasagna and gnocchi Bolognese are some of the offers to revel. In my case, the spaghetti Al pesto let me knock-out.
Mention apart the craft beer of the House, ideal for this hot summer, and the smoked chicken salad.
Anyway, must take into account the schedule: even though they open at 13:00, the local is filled quickly. So if you want to go, it is best to not reach beyond the 13: 45, because from that time until 16:00 (and from 19:00 to 00: 00) you have to wait to take table. Also to keep in mind: if they go in groups of more than 10 people remember to book your table at the official page with some anticipation.

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