translated from Spanish: They investigate attacks on 5 year old in kindergarten of Colima

a five-year-old boy suffered broken ribs, injuries to the trachea and a hole in the lung, then he was allegedly assaulted by his companions in a kindergarten of the municipality of Comala in Colima State.
According to reports of Noticieros Televisa, the grandmother of the child went to pick you up at the kindergarten “José Juan Ortega”, without that tell him what had happened.
Hours later, the father of the minor realized that the child’s chest began to catch fire and had difficulties breathing, so it was transferred to Suchitlán community health center, in Comala, and was until then that his son told him that he had been beaten in the school.
The child told his father “who had been lying to him, they threw him over”.
Due to the severity of the injuries, the minor was transferred from emergency to the Regional University Hospital.
The Health Secretary of Colima, Miguel Becerra Hernandez, told Noticieros Televisa that they have been putting a splint on the windpipe because he had some injuries and “is entubó you”.
For its part, the school principal has refused to give statements of what happened, while the Secretariat of public education challenges the version of the family.
Jaime Flores Melo, Secretary of education in Colima, told the media that “three great questions which I have started to analyze remaining. “How a child with such severe injuries, fractured trachea, fractured ribs, a perforated lung, has been able to leave campus by his own foot, and how is it possible that all this way has not expressed a complaint or pain”.
In a statement, the Ministry of education reported that since learned that the child was interned at the Regional University Hospital “he expressed solidarity with the family of the child and was present in the hospital Wednesday night from”, and from that time offered to cover expenses that will be generated by health care.
He also said that holders of the Directorate of basic education, Sub-Directorate of legal and business affairs, the Department of pre-school education, school monitoring and representatives of the municipality of Comala gathered with more than 160 parents the preschool, “with whom agreements were responsible for monitoring inside the campus, as well as avoid speculations on this subject and be respectful of the investigation that will make the authority”.
The Secretary of education said that the Sub-Directorate of legal and business affairs is collaborating with the State Prosecutor’s Office carry out the appropriate investigation and can clarify the reasons that caused the current state of health of the child .
Information for Noticieros Televisa.
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