translated from Spanish: Video: so assaulted fan of mouth that was run by the Monumental

mouth fan runs close to the monumental and assaulted him. Unclean, there is no other Word. Near the mouth field there are tennis courts and River fans walking with his shirt and nobody makes them nothing because so should be. DO NOT CHANGE MORE. – Matias Castle (@Matiasscastillo) February 12, 2019 this time happened between a fan of River mouth but, as it is often the case in Argentina because of this passion called “football”, could have been among supporters of other teams. Man came running with yellow and blue shirt, went jogging by Figueroa Alcorta Avenue and was at this time that another subject, who wore the dress of River, criticising it.” “Tomatela here, tomatela, boludo”, is heard in the video at the same time that looks how pushes it. Immediately the Xeneize fan reacts and begins the exchange of pineapples. The policeman who was in the area intervenes and separates them. The fan of River retain it a few moments and the mouth to say “keep running”. It is believed that the video was shot on Sunday in the preview of the River-Racing party. The man who followed his trail brought had removed the shirt to prevent future clashes in the area.

Original source in Spanish

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