translated from Spanish: AMLO requests to disclose all information of the Odebrecht case

Mexico.-the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, was questioned about the transparency and the delivery of information by the Office of the Attorney-General on the Odebrecht case, since sup uestamente is not respecting the determination of the National Institute of transparency, access to information and protection of personal data (INAI) that was made public. However, the President was clear in reply that the information should be more transparent, it does not apply to anyone involved in corruption and that it was the same INAI in two occasions asked book information.” I am in favour of to reform the law, even do not rule out sending the initiative so that the authority can inform these cases unless it means violating the due process that prevails above all transparency, to remove this way of evade or conceal information,”he said. The Tabasco explained that INAI first was who specified that there was information that could not reveal, and that in spite of the General Prosecutor of the Republic is autonomous, as opposed to what they think the conservatives about which this autonomy between powers in this new Government is a simulation, it asked to publish the information, because one of the rules of gold in democracy is transparency, said the President. 
“I urge you, since then respectful of their decision, their autonomy, the Attorney general, Alejandro Hertz Manero, that of a know all of Odebrecht. “So that they understand it better, I’m not going in corruption cases to sweating beyond fever, anyone who get into a case of corruption, you have to take responsibility, I won’t protect anyone, I stress, in corruption cases”, indico´. Lopez Obrador said that it has already begun to provide information that was not previously public domain, and put for example the case of the Federal Commission of electricity (CFE) which recently reported that it pays money to large companies that have contracts with it, information that at least 95 percent of Mexicans had been unaware, said. 

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Photo: Courtesy “are airing all, in the case of Pemex everything, in the case of the CFE so won’t hide absolutely nothing is going to proceed legally always, and won’t plug anyone”. The President took the opportunity to mention that INAI is an institution created in the neo-liberal phase, when it became fashionable create agencies to make the simulation that it was going to end corruption through transparent government information. However, at the beginning of the INAI, the first thing decided was hide the information companies that are remained tax. An Institute that costs the Treasury the sum of one billion pesos per year, with salaries of 250 to 300 thousand pesos a month by each expert, said the President.

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