translated from Spanish: Controversy over decision to Cornejo intervene the UCR of Santa Fe

the Chairman of the National Committee of radicalism, the Governor of Mendoza Alfredo Cornejo, formalizola the Santa Fe UCR Convention speech, following the decision of that body or supporter who granted freedom of action to radicals of that province against upcoming elections. Thus resolved this afternoon at a meeting of the Board of the National Committee of the UCR, involving, in addition to Cornejo, Secretary general of the party, Jose Cano, the third Vice-Chairman, Ricardo Colombi and the Secretaries Rafael Pascual, Soledad Reed and José Corral, among others. Intervention, as detailed in the minutes released on Wednesday, will have the Mission of Santa Fe as part of the alianza UCR-enrolling change of face to the electoral process that will take the step on April 28, and general election on 16 June in that province. On Monday night, the Convention of the Santa Fe UCR had resolved to grant «freedom of action» to affiliates so they can form alliances district interchangeably change, with both the ruling front progressive civic and Social (FPCyS), which It has active participation of radical militants. The formula decided by the Convention would allow the provincial UCR stand out from the national strategy of the party to support the agreement with the PRO, and continue the Alliance that keeps with the socialism for 15 years. Cornejo received last week in his province to the Mayor of Santa Fe capital, José Corral, who, in turn, launched last month his candidacy for Governor of Santa Fe by Cambiemos.criticas to the intervention of the radical leader Juan Manuel Casella, qualified «arbitrary, politically unacceptable and illegal», the decision of the National Committee of the UCR radical Santa Fe Convention to intervene.
«Intervention seeks only discipline and subordinate to radicalism, ignoring the provincial realities and imposing a criterion which, also in this field, resigned party identity and autonomy,» Casella said in a statement.

At the same time, social networks, #LaUCResProgresista became trend, from the comments and complaints from members who do not share the decision of the national leadership of the party.

Sad that we have to talk about «step in a political party» in 2019.
and shame to promote it. #LaUCResProgresista – Flopi Pinatti (@flopinatti) February 13, 2019

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