translated from Spanish: Edmundo Varas complained that fake producer he proposed sexual by entering a reality

the former participant of the reality show “Love blind”, Edmundo Varas, reported having received a sexual part of a fake producer proposal in Exchange for supposedly, entering the new reality of Mega “Resistiré”. “In a conversation with”Intruders”, Edmundo Varas said that a fake producer contact it United States through WhatsApp to make the alleged request.” Tells me that it is a producer of MTV and that he wanted that I was part of this reality “Resistiré”, which makes Mega with MTV. There it I started to ask what you want to me and told me that the first stage of the casting was closed, but it is possible that I might be participant of this in the second part. But tells me I want something from you… “, explained the winner of”Love blind”, according to the fourth.” I say ‘want me’. And as it was in English, maybe it can be misinterpreted, then we better speak in Spanish say you. And we speak in Spanish. And there I realized that the intentions of this type”, it followed relating to Intrusos.Finalmente, Edmundo revealed that everything you said this so-called producer were lies. “After me di account effectively the intentions of this type were not.” It is not a producer of MTV. Yes, he offered me sex, but what surprises me is all that you said”.

Original source in Spanish

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