translated from Spanish: Employees of the public prosecutor in Morelos begin

work stoppage once the Morelos Government not granted the budget requested by the General Prosecutor’s Office of the State (FGE) for 2019, around thousand 500 workers began a work stoppage demanding that the authorities complied with your request.  
The protesters, who left to work for the morning of Wednesday, argue that the requested budget would give them the opportunity to improve their working conditions and salaries.  
Read: 2018, the most violent year with more than 34 thousand homicides; in December increased 9% this is the second time that employees of EGFR manifested once last January expert services personnel take the facilities for 48 hours for the same reason.
According to El Financiero in EGFR there are workers who have more than 10 years old with a salary of only 2 thousand pesos a month.
As a result of the limited budget allocated to the Prosecutor’s Office, employees accuse the lack of material and tool to work, as safety suits and gloves, so sometimes have to buy them with their own.
This situation employees of the Prosecutor’s Office of Morelos on Tuesday demanded a response from the Government of Morelos and warned that they would begin a work stoppage if their request was not answered.
For its part, the office of the Government of Morelos argued gaps faced by EGFR to date from the administration of former Governor Graco Ramírez, whose legislature gave financial autonomy to the Prosecutor’s Office and extended its budget by 500 million pesos, but the resources were never delivered.
José Manuel Sanz Rivera, head of the Office of the Government of Morelos, said the petition of the EGF will be attended every time that the approval of the economic package 2019 remains pending and could be resolved this week.
Despite the cessation of activities, the workers of the Prosecutor’s Office being reported emergencies.
Morelos is among the 10 States with the greatest increase in murders in 2018, with an increase of 19.2%. The list is headed by Baja, Nayarit and Yucatán.
The financial information. 
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