translated from Spanish: Florcita Motuda: «I know that sometimes I cago it»

after serving a year on Congressional Deputy Florcita Motuda has been involved in several controversial as it was the offense to Marisela Santibañez, the crossing of words with Pepe Auth, an interruption on TVN, among others. In a conversation with the newspaper La Segunda Deputy said «I know that sometimes I conduct it, but I’m learning and I know much more. The embarradas that I hit, I hit them against the people and not to avoid them. Transparency has a great value.» What has brought criticism and reviews even from the same coalition, Florcita Motuda said that the security has had with the Bank are «a generational theme».» It is different when one communicates to singing, when communicating talking, sitting on a Chair! I went to use my cooked layer, with that flight, to be dressed with jacket and humita. «And that causes me a bundled», added. On the other hand, there is also people who understood and at the same time advised him, that is the case of the Deputy RD, Renato Garín, who told the same medium «I do not believe that Raul does evil, I think that he is bored, and to entertain themselves causes the rest». «Florcita brings joy and sincerity, in a grey and cynical environment,» added Garin.finalmente, Florcita Motuda Deputy concluded «I’ll try ordering me more. «But eye, things that have to do with transparency should keep them».

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