translated from Spanish: Government says that childcare will operating

the federal Government ensured that the childcare program will continue to operate, but with the reduction of “overspending” and through a new national strategy which will be coordinated among health institutions and local governments.
Childcare should be corrected and grow, new plan puts children at risk: experts release, the Mexican Government explained that the new scheme “will comply fully as set forth in the General Law for the provision of services for the care, care and” Desarrollo Integral Infantil according the principle of best interests of the children”.
Although he did not give details of the new guidelines, the Government claimed that they be regulated stays in such a way that “they can operate under standards of care and welfare for girls and children”.
Also defended the cuts to the rooms, to argue that there was a discretionary treatment assignments. lack of attention to priority sectors of the population; improper charges and corruption identified by the Superior audit of the Federation (ASF).
He explained that in a performance audit, the then Ministry of Social Development (Sedesol) not credited the due admission of more than 300 rooms, also attended, according to the audit, to the target population; It credited nor more than 20 thousand stays responsible for training, as well as the documentation for the delivery of subsidies in 659 stays (7% of the total).

Responsible for childcare are manifested in the socket in order to show their duties of care to children. – (@Pajaropolitico) February 13, 2019 cuts to childcare promotes stereotypes and gender inequality: NGO “for example, has proven that many rooms were assigned as a result of the discretion of public officials. One even having ‘networks’ of stays, sometimes with the intervention of close people”, said the federal Government, who said, paid subsidies by”ghost children”, non-existent or that they never received the service.

the Government highlighted observations of the ASF membership, training responsible for stays, granting of subsidies and rules of operation.
“The new strategy envisages childcare that currently continue to operate, to maintain its safety standards. In addition, working on the simplification of procedures and the creation of a new administrative system in line with the policy of austerity”, published the Government.
Among the major changes to the program, the federal administration contemplates that the subsidy will be delivered directly to mothers and parents; people without social security, belonging to indigenous communities or who live in areas with high levels of violence will have priority.
Responsible for stays accuse officials of irregularities in registers Sedesol also said, minors who are already registered on the registry and having more than three years, will continue to receive support.
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