translated from Spanish: Health Commission organises Forum with conservative groups

the Commission of health of the Senate be held this Wednesday the Forum “Mexico United by the values and the family”, in which it emphasizes the participation of speakers who lead groups anti-rights conservatives.
The national Christian Leadership Conference is of organizations opposed to the recognition of the human rights of women and the community LGBTTI, and sexual and reproductive rights of the population in general, as life to be born, and the U.S. National Right to Life.
On behalf of life to be born, its Vice President Yizbeleni Gallardo Bahena will talk about “the value of life. The human right to life”. By 2014 this organization lobbied against the decriminalization of abortion and Congress to include in the Constitution “the defense of life” from the first moment of her conception.
By the national Christian Leadership Conference, its President Guillermo Montaño García will speak on the “protection of the family. Strengthening the values and the reconstruction of the social fabric”, while by the National Right to Life President, Carol Tobias, who is also Adviser to the White House – will give its position on”the American case”.
Another participant is “defender wishful thinking of the Catholic Bioethics”, Martha Tarasco, whom the Senate program described as researcher level 1 of the national system of researchers of the “CONACID”. Specialist in bioethics by the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore in Rome and collaborator for the opening of the master’s degree in bioethics from the Anahuac University will talk about “Biological objectivity of dignity” man at all stages of maturation.

On the principles of pro life and pro chastity dating will speak the speaker Patricia Sandoval, with the theme “responsible for courtship. Prevention of unplanned pregnancies”. Sandoval website promotes your story about how “he escaped the drug, street and the abortion industry”, as “a testament to the love and mercy of Jesus Christ who want to expose the wounds hidden soul to heal it”.
The Health Commission of the Senate of the Republic is presided over by the panista Francisco Salvador López Brito and Lilia Guadalupe Merodio, María de el Rocío Pineda, and Anabel Acosta of the PRI; Andrea García, Sonia Rocha and Martha Elena García, bread; Martha Fox of the PRD, and the independent Martha Tagle.
require a new forum with plural positions
in response to this forum, the National Alliance for the right to decide (walk) sued the Senate a new forum “the same characteristics and the same broadcast, in e “l that will listen to the voices of academics and specialists who hold positions plurals and various above mentioned forum topics”.
Composed of five leading organizations in the field of sexual and reproductive rights, ANDAR expressed concern over the fact of that the Forum “only give room to voices of conservative groups trying to undermine the secular State, which are contrary to the” recognition of the human rights of women who make up the community LGBTTI, and sexual and reproductive rights of the entire population”.
In a statement, the organization said that “these groups have put their resources at the service of a conservative agenda that seeks to influence public policy to perpetuate inequality and discrimination, to promote a single model of family, back to women to the domestic sphere, prevent the equal marriage, as well as sex education in public schools, the access of adolescents and youth to reproductive health and women to safe and legal abortion services”.
ANDAR said although all groups of society have the right to be heard, “give space to a single voice in an event like this not only shows a fair tendency in the conduct of the Senate that it treads the edges of the violation of the secular State and tin e negatively your work. The rights that these groups have hampered are rights won with great effort by very important sectors of Mexican society.”
The organization called the Commission on health and the directive Board of the Senate, and in particular to Marti Batres, chaired it, so “not be back out in the progressive agenda of defending human rights and the protection of the secular State”.

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