translated from Spanish: Metropolitan Council and seremi of health alert about theft of cyanide

Mayor Enrique Beltran Metropolitan (s); the seremi of health of the Region Metropolitana (s) Omar Cáceres, Onemi, fire and the Bidema of the PDI reported the theft of a total of one kilogram and 100 grams of sodium cyanide that was in a safe of a metallurgical company in the Pudahuel commune which were stolen by unknown.
The emergency agencies held a technical meeting to coordinate the situation, agreeing that it prompted people call firefighters at the 132 if you have knowledge of the existence of this product.
The Mayor (s) Beltran said that «take knowledge from the PDI of the theft of the safe, which contained two bottles with cyanide, inside has been called a technical table to coordinate a joint work with the police, authority «Health, fire and Onemi». 
In addition, the regional authority emphasized that «while the research is carried out to give the whereabouts of the offenders is fundamental that, in case of finding safe or vials, which are properly labeled, do not open, manipulate or» transporting this element and immediately call fire with 8 companies specializing in containment of hazardous materials.»
Moreover, the seremi of health (s) reported that it initiated summary to the company and that the element «is located in 2 white plastic containers with black lid of a kilo: packed and the other with 100 grams of this product.» Furthermore, the bottles are properly labeled».

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