translated from Spanish: Moreliana family denounces abuses a minor, Memo involved Valencia

Morelia, Michoacan.-a moreliana family members denounced this public day abuses a minor, Member of the family, suffered from Ministerial policemen of the Attorney General of Justice of Michoacan, where the former PRI, Guillermo Valencia Reyes would allegedly be involved.
According to the account of Mrs. Maria Nalda Guzmán Fernández, the past 2 February-current, the Avenida Morelos Norte in the colony Dr. Miguel Silva, judicial police arrested arbitrarily and without identifying themselves, his grandson Jovani Isai Rodríguez Cisneros, for later upload it to a white van without plates, or logos. While the golpeban and pointed with long arms was asked by his brother Juan Manuel and his father Juan Carlos Rodríguez Guzmán because according to the elements, were involved in an act of abduction reported in social networks.
Jovani was taken to a vacant lot behind the municipal courts known as «Police and transit». There the child was threatened with death, «my grandson policemen told him it would dawn hanging from the bridge’s output to Salamanca if not accepted what they asked, while continued to beat him on the head and legs».
The Lady María Nalda told media that the place a luxurious van arrived where a tall and robust man character that his grandson acknowledged, was Guillermo Valencia Reyes fell.
«This person brought a cell phone in his hand with which was filming what was going on; at that moment he began to tell my grandson that should say where was his father and his brother. My grandson recognized that character and told him «you’re Memo Valencia», and one of the policemen asked him if he knew and my grandson said yes «because walked support it in the colony Dr. Miguel Silva when he was candidate last year».
It was Valencia Reyes who gave the instruction to the railings below. After seven hours, Jovani was released with reason of administrative misconduct.
A day earlier, in the private Melesio Aguilar, the young man and his father Juan Carlos, were intercepted by a State patrol with the number 3304, along with several white vans. Of them the Commander Oscar René Martínez Colín and Memo Valencia fell who transmitted live on your Facebook ‘Social Revolution’ page, arguing that they were looking for the Chrysler 300 M involved in the theft of young ladies in recent days.
The family denounced the violation of the human rights of their families, as well as the violation of the principle of presumption of innocence since they were publicly displayed and so to say María Nalda, have received multiple death threats.
So far they have not presented a formal complaint before the bodies of law enforcement by the case, because they manifest being afraid of reprisals by the elements that they detained relatives, so until this day the event has only been revealed before the media.
Guillermo Valencia is one of the profiles of aspirants to take ownership of the General Justice prosecutor’s Office of Michoacan. He was a candidate for a local Council and Mayor of Tepalcatepec.

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